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Rita Bacelar Figueira

Rita Maria Burguete Bacelar Marreiros Figueira
  • From 2015 to Present

  • At Centro de Química

    • Researcher with PhD (Investigador Doutorado)
    • Member of the SC R&D Group
  • Academic Degree

    PhD (Doutoramento)

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    Assistant Researcher (Investigador Auxiliar) at Outra

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    Rita Figueira finished her Ph.D. in Science (Chemistry) in February 2015 at the University of Minho. Since November 2018 she is working as Junior Research in Centro de Química from the University of Minho in the area of sol-gel materials for sensing applications. She worked as a research fellowship at

    National Laboratory for Civil Engineering – Department of Materials (LNEC), more than ten years finishing her duties on June 30th, 2017. During her Ph.D., she developed organic-inorganic hybrid (OIH) sol-gel materials, doped and undoped with corrosion inhibitors, to mitigate hydrogen evolution on galvanized steel when in contact with concrete. She published a number of papers in which she was both the first and corresponding author. Rita Figueira is an active member of several scientific societies such as The Electrochemical Society and The Royal Society of Chemistry and an active reviewer for more than 20 journals.

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    • From 2010 to 2015

      At Centro de Química
      • Research Collaborator: PhD Student (Aluno de Doutoramento)
      • Member of the SC R&D Group
      Academic Degree
      PhD (Doutoramento)
      Other (Outro) at Escola de Ciências da Universidade do Minho

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    Capa da revista Nature Reviews Chemistry
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