Plano de recuperação do CQ

Name and reference of the Project

“Recovery Plan of the CQ”

Start and end date:

June 1, 2016 – May 31, 2018


– Organize the research of CQUM in two thematic lines: Synthetic Chemistry and Drug Development and Advanced Materials. Researchers from CQUM, recently integrated into 3 research groups, will organize their research work within these two thematic lines that combine the skills of their members and are aligned with the priorities defined in RIS3.

– Creation of a new International Advisory Committee, with the invitation of 3 internationally renowned personalities: Prof. Carmen Najera (University Alicante, Spain), Prof. Steven Davies (Oxford University, UK) and Prof. Clément Sanchez (Collège de France).

– Definition of more stringent criteria for integration as CQUM member, particularly in terms of impact of publications and effort to attract international financing.

– Creation of a renewed web page; will contribute to enhance the international visibility and should facilitate the search for new partners and external collaborations.

– Doctoral Program in Chemistry; should start in 2016. It is an international program involving researchers from CQUM (coordinating) CQ-VR (UTAD) and the Universities of Vigo and Santiago de Compostela, which will contribute to a dynamic mobility of students and the internationalization of research teams.

– Regular organization of lectures and seminars, with invited scientists or sharing, through the web, relevant activities promoted by partners from other institutions.

– Participation in COST Actions: will disseminate the skills of the CQUM members and allow to find complementarities and partnerships that can foster the formation of multinational teams that may apply for European projects.

– Improving the impact factor (IF) of publications of CQUM members should be seen as a result of collaboration with multidisciplinary teams that address cross-cutting issues of interest to diversified audiences. In 2017, we would like to reach an average IF of 3.2 for all the CQUM publications, with a minimum of 7 articles in journals with IF higher than 5.

– Strengthen contacts with industry: through cooperation agreements and creating a portefolio of industrial problems for which the resolution involves chemical knowledge and/or analytical techniques. A portefolio of skills of the CQUM members will also be organized, with the identification of research results that can be transferred/applied by industry.

– Revitalising the analysis service based on existing equipment and skills of researchers will also be carried out and advertised on-line.

– Identification of equipment that needs to be restored/renovated and of possible sources of funding; this will help modernize the infrastructure for education and research and to create an efficient and reliable service to support industries in the northern region.





Funding Entity:

Funding entity: FCT

Amount of funding: 91600 €

Maria Fernanda Proença (Responsible Researcher)


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