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SELF-i – Self-reporting immunostimulating formulation for on-demand cancer therapy with realtime treatment response monitoring



Data de início e conclusão:

02/07/2018 – 01/07/2021


Cancer represents one of the biggest societal challenges of our days. Current therapies are focused on the direct depletion of the tumoural mass, but lack specificity which translates into severe damage to healthy tissues. A potential solution come with a paradigm change to, instead of use drugs to destroy cancer cells, unleash an immune response in the patient to allow him/her deal with the tumoural challenge by himself. Nanotechnology can play a crucial role in this strategy by helping deliver immunostimulating drugs to the tumor microenvironment. The main bottleneck of nanotechnology application to healthcare, the low ability to target and accumulate in selected tissues, can be overcome in this particular application thanks to the ability of the immune system to self-regulate and amplify its response after an initial trigger. In this scenario we propose the preparation and validation of a responsive formulation able to respond to internal (pH) and external (T) stimuli to locally release a cocktail of immunostimulating and chemotherapeutic drugs to fight against colorectal cancer. Furthermore, our proposed probe will be provided with a reporting system to monitor in real time the response to the treatment.

Entidade financiadora:

Programa Operacional Regional do Norte 2020/FCT – NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-028052

Montante do financiamento (global e UMinho):

Global: 239 718.22 (€)

Universidade do Minho: 75 975.00 (€)

Beneficiário Principal: INL – International Nanotechnology Laboratory

University of Minho (UM)
Susana Costa, (CQUM)
Manuela Raposo, (CQUM)

International Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL)
Juan Gallo Páramo, (PI)
Manuel Bañobre López, (Co-PI)
Lorena Garcia Hevia

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