Nome e referência do Projeto 

SolSensors – Development of Advanced Fibre Optic Sensors to Monitor the Durability of Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Structures



Data de início e conclusão:

01/05/2018 – 31/04/2021


The development of integrated monitoring systems, for new and existing concrete or reinforced concrete (RC) structures is of extreme importance to understand their response to both structural and environmental loadings during their service life. Monitoring these structures reduces costs by allowing a more rational approach to the assessment of repair options, scheduling of inspection and maintenance strategies. This project (SolSensors) aims to develop integrated multiplexed systems to monitor the durability of concrete and RC structures. In SolSensors project new organic-inorganic hybrid sol-gel materials will be developed and coupled to advanced fiber optic sensors to simultaneously monitor pH, moisture, chloride ions and alkali-silica reactions (ASR) in concrete. This system will allow the real-time monitoring progress of deterioration mechanisms (carbonation, ASR and corrosion of steel reinforcement) by quantifying the parameters responsible by that degradation. Furthermore, integrated systems will allow for the development/improvement of theoretical models to predict with high accuracy the service life of concrete and RC structures under the action of combined effects.

Entidade financiadora:

FEDER/FCT – POCI-01-0145-FEDER-031220

Montante do financiamento (global e UMinho):

Global: 239 979.07 (€)

Universidade do Minho: 174 728.39 (€)

Beneficiário Principal: Universidade do Minho

University of Minho (UM)
Carlos JR Silva, Associate Professor, (CQUM) PI
Rita Bacelar Figueira, Collaborator Researcher, (CQUM) Co-PI
Miguel Azenha, Assistant Professor

Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC-TEC)
Luis Carlos Coelho, Researcher
José Luis Campos Oliveira Santos, Full Professor
José Manuel Almeida, Associate Professor
Pedro Jorge, Associate Professor

Miguel Figueira, Managing Partner






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