SC – Sustainable Chemistry: New Methods and Materials


“Sustainable Chemistry: New Methods and Materials” group gathers researchers with consistent know-how and experience in materials science, electrochemistry and analytical chemistry. Current research comprises the development and application of innovative materials and chemical / electrochemical-related processes focused on important goals of sustainable development. Foreseen applications are clean water, clean energy, health and general well-being.


Projects under development include:

  • Preparation and characterization of advanced polymeric material to be use in high-power batteries, electronic appliances and environmental friendly coatings.
  • Development of meso- and nanostructures with application in innovative therapeutics and water purification systems.
  • Development of electrochemical methods and devices for sensing and pollutants abatement.
  • Valorization of humic substances from organic waste.

Research is conducted in collaboration with national and international research labs and with companies to fulfil both fundamental research and S&T goals. Previous partnerships, supported in projects, contract programs, PhD and MSc projects, resulted in high quality outputs, such as scientific papers, patents and thesis produced in the last years.  

Carlos Silva

Carlos Jorge Silva


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Biossensores para a monitorização de biomoléculas
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Capa da revista Nature Reviews Chemistry
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